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X1-192E Diesel 12.5 HP Power Weeder - Your Ultimate Farming Companion

Overview of X1-192E Power Weeder

The X1-192E Diesel 12.5 HP Power Weeder is designed to make your farming tasks more efficient and less labor-intensive. With its powerful 12.5 HP diesel engine and advanced features, this machine is perfect for various agricultural applications, including tilling, ditching, and ploughing.

Technical Specifications

Engine: 192F, 12.5 HP
Displacement: 540cc
Fuel: Diesel
Consumption: 550ml/hour
RPM: 3600
RPM Rotary: 800
Gear: 1, 0, 2, R
Tilling Width: 135 cm (48 inches), adjustable
Tilling Depth: 10 cm
Starting: Recoil
Attachments: 16 dry land rotary, 10 ditching blades, 2-piece split plough, ridger
Ease of Use: Easy turning handle