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Features :

Small size, light weight.
High working efficiency.
Applicable to different field.
Good planting effect.


Product Type : Manual Rice Planter
Brand : Annapurna
Material: MS, SS ,
Type : Manual
Style : Double Rows of Human Step Back
Row Space : 25 cm
Rocking-Turn Radius : 21 cm
Shake Resistance : 1.5-2 kg
The Moving Resistance : 1-2kg
Working water depth : 10-20 mm
Planting frequency : 120/min
Weight : 20 kg

stable performance Hand transplanter For Sale
This is 2 row Mini manual rice transplanter. It is a walking backward type. This mini manual rice transplanter is flexible, simple operation, working time and energy saving, ideal for small farmers. It is widely applicable for rice planting small field, in particular for rolling, mountains, areas of hills and plains. Rice seedling are in order and uniformity.